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Pac&Go is a smart solution for those who love to travel.
We believe in making packing easy, convenient and effcient.
Our products were originally designed for our personal use. We have been using the
luggage cubes for the past 4 years and we have given them as gifts to family and
friends. They were all happy and satisfied with the benefits of the packing cubes so
we decided to make it available for everyone.

What makes our product different from other travel cubes?

The size is right!

The size is designed to fit your folded garments so you don’t have to refold when packing. The cubes are designed to perfectly fit in your luggage, may it be a small, medium or large. What we love most about our cubes is that we designed all the other cube sizes to fit perfectly inside The Cube.

7, 5 and 2!

These are the magic numbers that will make your life easier! 7 Cubes for large sized luggage, 5 Cubes for medium luggage and 2 Cubes for small luggage. With these magic numbers, it will be easier for you to maximize your luggage space. Knowing how to manage your space will make packing a lot easier.

Lightweight, Washable and completely covered.

We designed the luggage cubes to be lightweight and washable so you don’t need to worry about anything on your next trip. Your clothes will stay neat and organized. More importantly, the cubes are covered with transparent material to make it easier for you to identify what is inside and to make sure that the contents will remain clean. 

Happy packing!

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