Cube Thin

  • ₱150.00

Can fit:

• 3-4 T-Shirts
• 2 Collared/Polo Shirts
• 1-2 Hand Towels
• 1-3 Shawls
• 1 Pair of Flat Shoes


Cube - 13x8.5x6
Cube Thin 13x8.5x1.5
Demi Cube - 13x4.25x6
Demi Cube Thin - 13x4.25x1.5
Mini Cube - 6.5x8.5x6
Mini Cube Thin - 6.5x8.5x1.5
Wet Stuff - 13x8.5x1
Toiletries - 6.5x8.5x3
Laundry Cube - 13x8.5x6
Laundry Cube Thin 13x8.5x1.5


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